Welcome to our New Website!

A Note from Dr. Emily Newman

To start us off I wanted to speak a little of the amazing history of this practice, which has been an integral part of Great Barrington since 1945. In that year Bill and Marge Gulick purchased the large home on Main Street in order to raise their family and practice as veterinarians to large and small animals in the community. The young family grew up and eventually sent their eldest son Donald off to veterinary school where, following his family’s lead, he met his future wife, veterinarian Claire Blanchard. Don and Claire came back to Great Barrington to settle into the family business, and to start their own family. They purchased a piece of the property from Marge in 2000 including the magnificent elm tree (more on her later) to build a smaller and more modern facility for their practice. 


Having moved to the Berkshires in 2002, I quickly became acquainted with the Gulicks, hearing from everyone of their warm accessibility- I worked for them some doing fill in work and then as a part timer until I had my own children in 2010 and wanted to settle in more officially and the timing worked for the growing practice. A really special thing about Bilmar that struck me from the beginning and caused me to want to be part of that team was the value placed on balance of life with work. Over the years of working for Don and Claire I saw this ethos in action constantly, it was and is to me the basis of happiness and comfort- to know that we are all expected to have and facilitated in carrying out our many interests and needs; whether they be to family or fitness, hobbies, or challenging obligations.

On August 17th I purchased Bilmar Small Animal Clinic from Don and Claire and I am so excited. I feel that I am part of a 75 year legacy of care for animals and their people in our community, and I am proud to carry on the culture of accessibility and humanity that the Gulicks created in their years as leaders in our business.  I plan on using this space on the website to post news about the practice, and to discuss veterinary medicine, and to occasionally share my opinion about matters less black and white. I hope it is enjoyable.


Emily Newman Stanton aka Dr. Emily