What's in a Name?

As I reflect on the change in the office of the presidency, I am drawn again to the history of my practice.

In the months leading up to purchasing the practice, I was asked often if I would change the name. In those conversations I answered honestly that I planned to keep it the same because of the familiarity we all have with it, and out of respect for Don and Claire to carry on the name. Sometime over the last few months though, I have come to really attach myself to that name for a very different reason, and after this week's election it means even more. 

In the 1930's when Marge Gulick was in veterinary school, she was one of 3 women- not in her graduating class, but rather in the entire program of four years up and down. In that era she would have been seen very much as an outsider, and likely by many as being out of her place as a woman. When she graduated and came to Great Barrington as a Veterinary Medical Doctor (what they call the Penn grads) she claimed equal billing on the business name- which started off with both her and William's whole names, but which later morphed into BilMar- the original celebrity blended name (decades before Brangelina.) When I reflected on what this meant in that time it struck me as totally radical and I claimed a different commitment to the name I inherited.

The pioneering, trail blazing, woman inspiring outcome of female doctors like Marge is an era of women leaders in the field of veterinary medicine. Thanks for the opportunity Marge! You were one kick-*** lady.